Journal of Data and Information Science ›› 2020, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (1): 68-80.doi: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0006

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Improving Archival Records and Service of Traditional Korean Performing Arts in a Semantic Web Environment

Ziyoung Park1,(), Hosin Lee1, Seungchon Kim2, Sungjae Park1   

  1. 1Department of Library & Information Science, Hansung University, Republic of Korea
    2Department of IT Convergence Engineering, Hansung University, Republic of Korea
  • Received:2020-01-17 Revised:2020-03-17 Accepted:2020-03-25 Online:2020-04-15 Published:2020-04-17
  • Contact: Ziyoung Park


Purpose: This research project aims to organize the archival information of traditional Korean performing arts in a semantic web environment. Key requirements, which the archival records manager should consider for publishing and distribution of gugak performing archival information in a semantic web environment, are presented in the perspective of linked data.

Design/methodology/approach: This study analyzes the metadata provided by the National Gugak Center’s Gugak Archive, the search and browse menus of Gugak Archive’s website and K-PAAN, the performing arts portal site.

Findings: The importance of consistency, continuity, and systematicity—crucial qualities in traditional record management practices—is undiminished in a semantic web environment. However, a semantic web environment also requires new tools such as web identifiers (URIs), data models (RDF), and link information (interlinking).

Research limitations: The scope of this study does not include practical implementation strategies for the archival records management system and website services. The suggestions also do not discuss issues related to copyright or policy coordination between related organizations.

Practical implications: The findings of this study can assist records managers in converting a traditional performing arts information archive into a semantic web environment-based online archival service and system. This can also be useful for collaboration with record managers who are unfamiliar with relational or triple database system.

Originality/value: This study analyzed the metadata of the Gugak Archive and its online services to present practical requirements for managing and disseminating gugak performing arts information in a semantic web environment. In the application of the semantic web services’ principles and methods to an Gugak Archive, this study can contribute to the improvement of information organization and services in the field of Korean traditional music.

Key words: Gugak archive, Korean traditional music, Performing arts archive, Linked semantic data, K-PAAN