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Overview of Trends in Global Single Cell Research Based on Bibliometric Analysis and LDA Model (2009–2019)
Tian Jiang, Xiaoping Liu, Chao Zhang, Chuanhao Yin, Huizhou Liu
Online Date:2020-11-19
Identifying Scientific and Technical “Unicorns”
Lucy L. Xu, Miao Qi, Fred Y. Ye
Online Date:2020-10-20
A Scientometric Study of Digital Literacy, ICT Literacy, Information Literacy, and Media Literacy
Hyejin Park, Han Sung Kim, Han Woo Park
Online Date:2020-10-20
National Lists of Scholarly Publication Channels: An Overview and Recommendations for Their Construction and Maintenance
Janne Pölönen, Raf Guns, Emanuel Kulczycki, Gunnar Sivertsen, Tim C. E. Engels
Online Date:2020-10-20
An Automatic Approach to Extending the Consumer Health Vocabulary
Michal Monselise, Jane Greenberg, Ou Stella Liang, Sonia Pascua, Heejun Kim, Mat Kelly, Joan P. Boone, Christopher C. Yang
Online Date:2020-10-20
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Novel Approaches to the Development and Application of Informetric and Scientometric Tools

Giuseppe Catalano, Cinzia Daraio, Jacqueline Leta, Henk F. Moed, Giancarlo Ruocco, Xiaolin Zhang

2020, 5 (4): 1-4. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (234KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0041

Research Paper

A Discrimination Index Based on Jain’s Fairness Index to Differentiate Researchers with Identical H-index Values

Adian Fatchur Rochim, Abdul Muis, Riri Fitri Sari

2020, 5 (4): 5-18. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (2706KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0026

A Micro Perspective of Research Dynamics Through “Citations of Citations” Topic Analysis

Xiaoli Chen, Tao Han

2020, 5 (4): 19-34. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (3324KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0034

Can Crossref Citations Replace Web of Science for Research Evaluation? The Share of Open Citations

Tomáš Chudlarský, Jan Dvořák

2020, 5 (4): 35-42. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (1563KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0037

Exploring the Potentialities of Automatic Extraction of University Webometric Information

Gianpiero Bianchi, Renato Bruni, Cinzia Daraio, Antonio Laureti Palma, Giulio Perani, Francesco Scalfati

2020, 5 (4): 43-55. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (661KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0040

The Association between Researchers’ Conceptions of Research and Their Strategic Research Agendas

João M. Santos, Hugo Horta

2020, 5 (4): 56-74. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (315KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0032

Current Status and Enhancement of Collaborative Research in the World: A Case Study of Osaka University

Shino Iwami, Toshihiko Shimizu, Melvin John F. Empizo, Jacque Lynn F. Gabayno, Nobuhiko Sarukura, Shota Fujii, Yoshinari Sumimura

2020, 5 (4): 75-85. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (2009KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0035

Global Collaboration in Artificial Intelligence: Bibliometrics and Network Analysis from 1985 to 2019

Haotian Hu, Dongbo Wang, Sanhong Deng

2020, 5 (4): 86-115. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (8327KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0027

Priorities for Social and Humanities Projects Based on Text Analysis

Ülle Must

2020, 5 (4): 116-125. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (1166KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0036

Topic Evolution and Emerging Topic Analysis Based on Open Source Software

Xiang Shen, Li Wang

2020, 5 (4): 126-136. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (6941KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0033

Scientometric Analysis of Research Output from Brazil in Response to the Zika Crisis Using e-Lattes

Ricardo Barros Sampaio, Antônio de Abreu Batista-Jr, Bruno Santos Ferreira, Mauricio L. Barreto, Jesús P. Mena-Chalco

2020, 5 (4): 137-146. Abstract   HTML ( 0)    PDF (866KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0038


Correction: Corrigendum: The Gender Patenting Gap: A Study on the Iberoamerican Countries

Danilo S. Carvalho, Lydia Bares, Kelyane Silva

2020, 5 (4): 147-150. Abstract   HTML ( 1)    PDF (1036KB)

DOI: 10.2478/jdis-2020-0039