Peer-Review Process

Internal Review

All submissions for JDIS will be checked first by the Scientific Editors for the composition and arrangement against JDIS’s Author Guidelines, as well as for plagiarism detection. Then the Editor-in-Chief will evaluate them for suitability in the journal on the basis of scope and quality, with possible consultation from other members of the Editorial Board. Contributions deemed unsuitable can be rejected without further review.

External Review

Articles and reviews deemed in scope and of sufficient quality will be sent to external reviewers (typically two or three) for an in-depth review.  The names of the authors will be disclosed to reviewers. Reviewers will be kept anonymous unless they choose to disclose their identity to the authors. 

Review Report

JDIS asks that the review report should include the following parts: 1. A summary identifying the specific strengths and weaknesses of the work, including where appropriate, the novelty of the study and the conceptual advance over previously published works. 2. Comments on the quality of the scientific content and writing. 3. Suggestions as to what additional changes might be required in order to support the claims being made. 4. Whether the authors make appropriate citations to the pre-existing literature.

Review Results

The types of decisions are accept without revision, minor revision, major revision, and reject. It takes about 28 days from submission to first decision.

Pub-Express Channel

For the manuscripts with high quality, JDIS provides a Pub-Express channel which means the submissions through this channel can be directly sent to the Co-EICs for a quick but comprehensive evaluation without entering the external peer-review process. The final decision on whether the manuscript is accepted or not for publication by JDIS is normally made within 72 hours. Authors who think their manuscript worthy of quick publication are encouraged to apply to the Pub-Express by stating the exact reasons in Cover Letter when submitting. Please note: entering into the Pub-Express does not mean final acceptance.