Research Topic on Fighting Against Academic Misconduct Open for submissions

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Liying Yang, National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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Full paper submission: 30 June 2023

About this Research Topic

Research integrity and responsible research are increasingly discussed by the public and the academic community. In recent years, a number of significant cases of academic misconduct have been reported worldwidely. With the improvement of the availability of scientific papers and data, our understanding of academic misconduct is also deepening. Nevertheless, we still notice a gap among policymakers, researchers, and societal participants on the understanding of academic misconduct and related policies and measures. To provide insights into research integrity and academic misconduct from multiple directions, this research topic aims to answer the question – Fighting against academic misconduct: what can policymakers/scientometricians/journals/researchers do? 

Topics of interest include:

l  Quantitative anslysis of current trends in academic misconduct.

l  Questionable research practices and behavior involving not only individual aspect, but also institutional cases in “ranking game”, “predatory” journals and conferences, their trends, and underlying causes.

l  Report and analysis on paper mill.

l  The alignment of research practices and research integrity policies.

l  Effective research integrity policies and practice, and their effectiveness analysis.

l  Societal trust in science, and how will it be influenced by academic misconduct.

l  Techniques and tools utilized in fighting against academic misconduct, e.g., image manipulation check tool, text duplication check tool, etc.

l  Other interesting topics. 

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